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We offer a competitive rate for all phone lines and ensure our tailored packages are moulded to the needs of our clients. All our packages include:

  • A specialised billing process: we charge per second rather than rounding up the call to the nearest minute.
  • No minimum call charge: you only pay for the amount of time you spend on the phone
  • No Call connection fee: except for specific calls we do not charge to connect a call which can significantly help lower bills.
  • Detailed bills: Acting as reports all our bills are fully itemised allowing you to easily understand how much you are spending. They can also be displayed graphically and are updated every 24 hours.
  • Guaranteed call quality: All our phone lines come with an assured high level of quality
  • No minimum call spends: You only pay for what you actually use

Business & Residential Lines

  • Analogue PSTN lines
  • Multi-Line PSTN
  • ISDN2
  • ISDN30
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