Service Charter


Tarragon is committed to providing high quality services at competitive rates. We treat all clients courteously and respond promptly to requests.

Our website is our primary source of information, where service information can be accessed at any time. However, we offer a range of other ways to contact us. We do not use automated telephone call handling systems – instead we ensure that your calls are answered by a human during office hours. Should you leave a message outside those times, you will be contacted promptly on our return.

As a client, you are allocated an Account Manager to deal with your issues. This ensures continuity and provides a central point of contact, with an overall knowledge of your IT issues and requirements, and of your business as a whole.

We consider all feedback and listen to any client suggestions. Where feasible, we try to incorporate these into our systems and services.

If we do make an error, we will acknowledge the fact, apologise, do what we can to
rectify the error. We will also seek to introduce procedures to prevent us from repeating it.

Response Times

General Contact

We always aim to respond to any external contact within one working day.

Support Calls

Support calls are prioritised according to the following rules:

  • Annually contracted clients receive priority over all others.
  • We next look at the priority of the call as assigned by the person who logged the call. Naturally, although we will generally take the given priority on face value, we must also harmonise this perceived priority with all other calls we have on our queue.
  • Business Critical calls are our top priority. Some examples would be a major virus incident, a server failure, or an issue where a number of people are unable to work, or all email in or out of your organisation stops functioning.
    Here you should expect a response within 1 working hour and a fix (where it is within our power) within 4 working hours. Please note that there are circumstances beyond our control, such as failures at your internet service provider, transient internet problems, telephone line issues, etc. We will work with you and the supplier concerned to get these resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Support issues which are not business critical are subject to a maximum of 4 working hour response. A fix is usually provided within 8 working hours. Where this is not possible, or where the problem is lower priority, we may agree a longer fix time with you.
  • Please note that support and training issues are treated differently. We’re always happy to help you learn new ways to do things with your IT equipment and software, but we may need to schedule this on a longer term basis in order to meet our support obligations to all our clients.
  • For the purposes of this document, “working hours” means 9:00am-5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). We do generally operate skeleton cover over the Christmas and New Year period. During this period, we ask clients to log any non-urgent calls via our online call logging system.

These points set out our minimum aims on support response. We always try to exceed these targets and get you up and running as quickly as we can.

Quotes & Orders

We can usually turn around a quote/specification within 5 working days of initial brief.
If a response is to take longer than the above targets, we will let you know and also tell you why, and how long you may have to wait.


We receive feedback in a number of ways including, oral comments, telephone and email and online. All these help us to monitor our progress and provide us with valuable data on how our services can be improved.

Any significant changes to our services will be notified to our clients via our website and via email or surface mail.


All employees at Tarragon have signed a confidentiality clause. This states that anything we learn about you in the course of our business relationship is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Obviously, we ask for the same commitment in return.

For your peace of mind, Tarragon have all necessary insurances, various internal Policies & Procedures and CyberEssentials accreditation. As well as many years of combined IT MSP experience.


Our performance on each account is continually monitored throughout the year, including feedback, complaints and suggestions.

This Charter document will be reviewed at least once every 12 months. All staff and client comments/suggestions are considered at each review.

Your Rights

You have rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR which prevent us from misusing your personal information. You also have the right to access any information we hold about you and your organisation. Requests should be submitted in writing to us at the address shown below.

Any information you provide us in the course of our business relationship will remain confidential and will not be distributed outside of Tarragon without your written permission (unless we are legally required to provide it).

You are entitled to clear, written explanations of any decisions we take that may affect you directly.

Your Obligations and Responsibilities

Your obligations, when making use of our services, include:

  • All information you provide to us must be, to the best of your knowledge, truthful and accurate.
  • You must pay the required fees on time and meet the timescales set out in any agreed order for products or services.
  • We need to know if there is any significant alteration in your IT-related circumstances (for instance, if you are getting a third party to install something new on your network, if you are relocating equipment, connecting your telephone system to your PC network, etc).

More generally, it helps if you treat us as if we were your IT department – “keep us in the loop”. We may be able to head off potential problems if we are aware of situations in advance.

For a more comprehensive list of obligations and responsibilities please see our Terms and Conditions of Trading.